Internship Blog Post 5


This week was a very busy week at my workplace. I am in the process of SEO-optimizing the entire website. There are hundreds of keywords to capitalize on. This is good, except that it’s time consuming and I’m a one-person team.

On a positive note, our social media strategy is taking off quickly and we’re already seeing some positive engagement results. We have been using social media to try and drive traffic to our webpage. I am tracking conversions and behavior via flow charts with Google Analytics and I’m learning a lot about our customers. Just have to keep my head down and keep optimizing!


One thought on “Internship Blog Post 5

  1. Andrew Schnaare says:

    Awesome work with getting to the SEO of the website. I feel that taking the time to focus on SEO for your customers is detrimental. With Google wanting to index every site, it is a great idea to slow down and delve into the SEO. What types of things have you been doing for your social media strategy? I’m happy that things are going well for you on this project.

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