Internship Blog Post 4


This is my fourth blog post about my internship experience at Infinity Instruments in La Crosse, WI, which is actually a full-time employment.

Today I want to talk about my experiences with WooCommerce. We just the WooCommerce platform for all of the ecommerce on our two websites. I have found that WC is a robust and complicated solution. I know that it is incredibly popular, but I actually find it quite clunky to use and difficult to use to its potential unless you want to spend a lot of money on the additional plugins for it.

At its full potential, WC is very powerful and it is pretty easy to use for very basic storefronts. Anything beyond that becomes complicated and expensive to operate. I am going to do some time to investigate other options for our ecommerce¬†gateway. Even if we don’t end up switching over, it will be good to see where WC stands as compared to other solutions.

Have you worked with anything other than WC in your experiences? I’m curious to know!

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