Internship Blog Post 3

Hello! This is my third blog post and I feel that I have so much information that I should split it into two. As you all know, I am fulfilling my internship requirements through full-time employment. I am in charge of everything from digital marketing to web design to ecommerce at my job. Over this past week, one thing I’ve really been poking around in is Google Ads. As a result, I’ve been learning a lot about how to create effective landing pages that convert visitors to customers.

I’m also learning about interpreting data from website traffic. For this, I’ve integrated Google Analytics to track the traffic and figure out how to optimize it and capitalize it. Landing pages are a tricky thing and I’ve nowhere near mastered it, but I feel that I’m making some progress and getting some important data as I go along. I can see user behavior in Google Analytics and that has been a really helpful tool for testing my approach.

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