First Internship Post

My Internship Journey

Using this blog, I will chronicle my journey during my final semester internship. To fulfill my requirements for the internship, I will be using the experiences that I encounter everyday at my full-time job as a web developer and ecommerce manager. I believe that it will be a unique experience because most of the web design that I do is geared towards ecommerce.

I look forward to documenting my experiences in this blog and learning from the things that others in the class are experiencing. Good luck everyone!

4 thoughts on “First Internship Post

  1. Michael K Olszewski says:

    Are you using WordPress to develop your sites?

    Any recommendation on plugins for E-Commerce?

    Also, how difficult is it to set up ads on your website? It would be nice to generate some revenue to reduce the monthly cost of running a website.

  2. Andrew Schnaare says:

    Hi Caleb,
    I was wondering if you have any current projects that you are working on, and how the job search is going? I am actively looking for employment as well. I am using a mix of Indeed and Glassdoor to do searches. I am signed up for the tech connect messages but find that most of the jobs are in the Oshkosh or Madison area.

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