General SEO Vs. Local SEO – Search Engine Optimization in La Crosse

What is Local SEO?

By now, many people know what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is. This is especially important information for business owners, who sometimes rely on good search engine rankings for their business. Less people know, however, the difference between local SEO and regular SEO. Traditional SEO is done with the goal of ranking for certain keywords on a very broad scale. For example, if you were a bike manufacturer, you may want to rank in the United States in the top 10 results for “bike makers”.

Local SEO is similar, but it requires more training and a different approach. The goal is still to increase your visibility in search engines, but for a specific area. For instance, a restaurant in the area may want to rank in the top 10 results for “restaurants in La Crosse”. If you can achieve a high ranking for those valuable keywords, you’ll draw in a lot more business. This makes your investment in SEO very much worth it.

local seo in la crosse

Alright, nobody is denying that local SEO is an incredibly valuable tool. The question is: how do you wield it? That’s where we come in. You may think that your small business cannot afford to hire someone to handle your local SEO. You’d be wrong. Lombardo Web Design works with small businesses with any budget to help give them the resources of a large business. There’s nothing that your business can’t accomplish with a properly executed online presence.

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